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TYPEAcrylic and gilt
IMAGE SIZE13″ x 9″

Signed lower right. Lime-washed frame, circa 1960.  Overall artwork dimensions 18″ x 14″.

105% moneyback if not delighted.


Simon Toone (b. 1967) is an esoteric British artist and sculptor, whose studio we are lucky enough to have gained access to. Toone, who works between his studios in England and Italy, has a completely unique style based on the art of the renaissance and a personal religious philosophy that we are all made in God’s Image. He says “We are by default, all saints in God’s eyes”.  So his images show not just the traditionally saintly, but housewives and solders, hookers and thieves. Toone’s much sort after work sells mainly as private commissions.  His paintings use mix media – mainly charcoal, acrylic and gilding – usually on plywood.  Toone trained in Nottingham and Bristol.  Again, I can’t express highly enough how lucky Sherwood Forest Fine Art are to offer his work.

Toone trained at Bristol with some of the greats of UK ceramics; Mo Jupp, Wally Keeler and Nick Homiky. It was at Bristol that he first started to distort the human form in his unique style. Although his work has been likened to Giacometti, Toone’s organic development continues with each individual piece.

“I originally worked from pre-prep sketches, but now just let the pieces evolve as I work on them. Each head becomes a person, a character, a whole personal history develops with them; it’s a sort of weird channelling. I literally meet people I would never come across in normal life”

Toone’s personal history is just as unique. Born in a cemetery in 1967, he went on to be “bored senseless and consequently a failure” at school, before bluffing his way onto an Art and Design Diploma, and then into a Ceramics Degree at Bristol. After University he temped for a major high street bank, and stayed. 4 years of marketing later, and after being promoted once or twice every year, Toone launched their online banking arm from his 24th floor City office. He left to continue exploring and releasing his creative talent.

Toone now works from his studio in the garden of his 16th century home in a charming English cathedral town he refers to as “Cranford on gin”.

Toone’s exaggeration of of the figure, the elongation of the physical, is a reoccurring theme in his work. Blending this with gilded halos, he represents the distortion of the self within society with the gilded purity of the spirit. His work often evokes medieval icons, theater design and 19th and 20th century imagery.

“When viewing his work, one is often drawn into a place of self reflection”

Toone sells his work to private collections throughout the World

“L’amour c’est Dieu, donc Dieu c’est l’amour”.

L’exagération de la forme corporelle et l’allongement de la physique sont les thèmes qui réapparaissent dans l’œuvre de l’artiste Toone. Mélangeant ceci avec les halos dorés au sein de son travail, Toone juxtapose la pureté dorée de l’esprit contre la distorsion du soi dans la société. Son travail évoque souvent les icônes médiévales, les dessins de théâtre et les images des 19ème et 20ème siècles.

“En regardant ses œuvres, on est entraîné dans un espace de réflexion sur soi”

Toone vend ses créations à des collections privées dans le monde entier.


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