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Pablo Picasso Hand Glazed Madoura Ceramic, Custom Framed and Listed with the Submit Best Offer option


Accepting Offers Now: Up for sale is this very RARE and spectacular, Authentic Pablo Picasso Ceramic Artwork. Fortunately for you, we have created this opportunity to own a Madoura Ceramic plate hand glazed with brilliant green and blue hues, and 2 black Toros at far less than retail.  This Madoura Plein Feu Plate, designed by Pablo Picasso (signed edition Picasso) is one of the Nicest ceramics we have ever been able to offer for sale.  Furthermore,it is in EXCELLENT Condition with no chips or cracks, and displays Madoura’s and Picasso’s genius talents with engobes in blue, green, white and black.  Let this piece join in the passion and serenity of your home and be the envy of your neighbors by naming your price now through the Submit Best Offer option.  This piece is guaranteed to be authentic and comes custom framed to create a spectacular display.  But it will not be around long as the first person to meet our bottom line will be the lucky new owner.


Pablo Picasso- As the single most influential artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso’s impact on the art world is impossible to overstate. Picasso’s influence has changed and defined the entire realm of modern art and is still as culturally and artistically important today as when it was first produced. After showing an early affinity towards art, Picasso began receiving formal art training at the young age of 12 from his father in figurativ drawing. By the time Picasso was 13; his father realized that the young artist’s skill had surpassed his own. In Barcelona, Picasso was given an exception to apply to the School of Fine Arts and was admitted as the youngest student in their history. By 1905, he has become a favorite artist of famous American art collector Gertrude Stein who became his most significant patron.   In 1905, Gertrude Stein introduced Picasso to the famous painter Georges Braques. Together, Picasso and Braques would create a new art genre called Cubism that showcased multiple perspectives on the same canvas. Cubism would be Picasso’s most lasting stylistic innovation and would define the artwork he produced from 1909 through 1912. After his development of Cubism, Picasso’s work focused on Classicism and Surrealism which combined with elements of his earlier styles would define the rest of his career. During World War II, Picasso’s art career would be placed on hold. He remained in Nazi occupied France even though the regime did not approve of his art. He took up writing as an alternative outlet during this period. The rest of his career featured explorations into new artistic mediums. Picasso became a famed sculptor and printmaker. He was the first artist to incorporate elements of collage and also invented the constructed sculpture. Pablo Picasso died in 1973 at his home in Mougins, France. He left behind him the most impressive and historically significant resume of any twentieth century. Today, he remains the bestselling and best known artist in the world




Here is a fabulous and Authentic, Pablo Picasso Original Madoura Glazed Ceramic with 2 incredibly detailed Toros and decorations of engobes in black, green, blue and white. Worth mentioning again is the fact that Picasso is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists ever and the father of Cubism.  Thus retail galleries would be asking several thousands more than we are for this ceramic.  Therefore, this piece will like be sold before this listing ends so do not miss the opportunity we are presenting.   It is of versatile size measuring approx. 8″ in diameter and has been custom framed in a textured, silver finished, wood moulding with approximate dimensions, 20×20″.  This incredible, Original Madoura Ceramic Plate titled, “Toros A.R. 161” was completed in 1952, is from the edition of 500 and contains the Edition Picasso and Madoura Plein Fleu stamps on the underside. Also, it is guaranteed authentic, and accompanying the purchase, the buyer shall receive a Gallery (Griffin Gallery) letter of authenticity. Additionally, this plate is also catalogued by Alan Ramie Picasso in the Edited Ceramic Works 1941/1971, #161. This is a truly a museum quality piece and one of the most magnificent pieces by Picasso that we have ever been able to offer for sale.  Pablo Picasso’s art and ceramics have been exhibited in major museums around the world his works of art are to be found in some of the most prestigious public and private collections worldwide.  This is a chance for you to add an authentic piece to yours. This item will be professionally packaged to ship domestically or Internationally. Please contact us if you have any further questions and SUBMIT THOSE OFFERS NOW.



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