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Fabulous Kabuki Scene!


Utagawa Yoshitora (Japanese, ca. 1836-1887) was
one of the great ukiyo-e masters of
the mid 1800s. This colorful triptych is his detailed portrayal of the kabuki
play Chushingura.


Scene from
the kabuki play Chushingura. The actors are Nakamura Shikan at bottom right,
and Ichikawa Sadanji on the right. Ichikawa Kodanji at top and Arashi Daizaburo
at the bottom middle and Onoe Kikugoro at top and Bando Hikosaburo at bottom
left of the triptych.


Chushingura is the title given to the fictionalized accounts
in Japanese literature, theatre, and film that relate the historical incident
involving the Forty-Seven Ronin and their mission to avenge the death of their
master, Asano Naganori.

This impressive original
woodblock triptych would be striking displayed on your home or
office wall. It would be a wonderful choice for the antique print collector or
the interior decorator.


This is a rare and original Yoshitora triptych. It is truly a
classic from the golden age of ukiyo-e.
It would be a superb choice for any discerning collector. Matted and framed,
this print would make a stunning presentation by itself or be an impressive
addition to an arrangement with other prints. It is one you will be proud to
display in your home or office and is bound to become a cherished family


Yoshitora’s masterworks are in the collections of many of the
world’s great museums. Among them are the Metropolitan
Museum of Art,
New York; the Museum
of Fine
Arts, Boston; the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago; the British Museum, London; the Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg,
Russia; and the Tokyo National Museum,


ARTIST: Utagawa Yoshitora, (Japanese ca. 1836-1887).
TITLE: Chushingura.

MEDIUM: Authentic polychrome woodblock print. Ink and color on
handmade paper.

IMAGE SIZE: 3 Separate panels, not attached.
Each image approx. 14 x 9 3/8”; (35,6 cm x 23,8 cm).

COMBINED SHEET SIZE: Overall approx. 14” x 28
1/8”; (35,6 cm x 71,4 cm).

CONDITION: Antique triptych. Marvelous condition for its age. Rich
color and exquisite detail. Please take a moment to carefully examine the scans.


Please bid or buy now.


Thank you.

The Staff at Uki Arts




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