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Rare and highly decorative 5-panel original!

Utagawa Kunisada II (Japanese, 1823–1880) was one of the most famous ukiyo- artists of his era. He was a
student of Kunisada. In fact he married his master’s daughter in 1846 and then took
his master’s name. However, after his master died, he changed his name to
Toyokuni IV.

decorative and elaborately detailed original pentatych of pleasures boats
crowding the Sumida River in Springtime. Elegant courtesans enjoy the view of
cherry trees blossoming along the banks of the river as ferryboats unload
passengers on the far shore. The beauties are all dressed in sumptuous kimonos
with their hair artfully arranged with multiple hairpins and combs. Each is
identified by a red name cartouche. On the far left, two boats are loaded with
pyramids of sake casks for the festival occasion. Boatmen kneel on the roof of
the large boat on the right, poling the craft through the gently rippling
water. There is a tray of refreshments in the bow, decorated with a bonsai pine
tree and plants.

absolutely fascinating design, beautifully detailed and colored with delicate
embossing in the white kimono collars and touches of burnishing. A very rare
complete five-panel print.


This impressive original
woodblock triptych would be striking displayed on your home or
office wall. It would be a wonderful choice for the antique print collector or
the interior decorator.


This is a rare and original Kunisada II. It would be a
superb choice for any collector. Matted and framed, this pentatych would make a
stunning presentation by itself or as an impressive addition to an arrangement
with other prints. It is one you will be proud to display in your home or
office and is bound to become a cherished family heirloom.


Utagawa Kunisada II is
represented in many of the world’s great museums. Among them are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the British Museum, London; and the
Hermitage Museum
, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


ARTIST: Utagawa Kunisada II (Japanese,

TITLE: Prince Genji and Beauty in a Dragon Boat.

MEDIUM: Authentic
original polychrome woodblock print. Ink and color on handmade paper.

IMAGE SIZE: Five separate panels, not attached, each approx. 14
1/8” x 9 ½”; (35,9 cm x 24,1 cm).

approx. 14 1/8” x 47 ½”; (35,9 cm x 120,7 cm).

CONDITION: Antique original pentatych 5-panel art work. Beautiful
color and incredible detail. Some light soiling, light creases, wormholes, repaired on verso, and some loses. Please take a moment to carefully
examine the scans.


Please bid or buy now.


Thank you.

The Staff at Uki Arts




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