Got a few questions about buying or selling on ? We have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, if a question you have is not here, contact us and we will include on the page.

You can list and start an auction for free. If your item sells then you will be charged the relevant commission, if it does not sell, there is no fee. You have the option of enhancing your listing, this is optional.

Commission on sold items is 7.5%

All listings are manually checked to avoid spam, please allow up to 12 hours to go live.

If your ad is genuine and does not appear after 12 hours, just drop us a line and we will sort out for you. If you have posted a spam listing, it will be rejected, regardless of if you have purchased an add on. All listings are manually checked to insure users do not have to wade through endless junk listings.

Some of our artworks are listed by sellers who will complete the transaction on their or a marketplace site.

Registered business’s who wish to do this can, you need to have a membership plan and we can arrange for the bids/transactions to be sent to your website.

Yes, send us details of your show and we will also do a piece on our blog for you, send us your bio, details on the show and some pictures of your artwork.

That’s no problem , just drop us a line, once we confirm your request we will remove the artworks. If the seller is private seller/auction house re selling an artwork you will need to contact them directly to arrange.

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